Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dialogues of the Toddlers: Tipping Point

by Tom Bozzo

Scene: End of dinner. An episode of The Electric Company was viewed before dinner to keep the children occupied while preparations were underway. That was on top of more Electric Company and Mr. Rogers earlier in the day.

J. I'm done...
D. Julia and I are still eating, so let's sit together for a couple more minutes.
Ju. Noodles. Ummm!
J. (repeatedly) I'm doooone.
D. OK, what do you say.
J. Please may be I [sic] excused?
Ju. Down!
D. Yes you may.
J. Can I watch something?
D. No big guy, not now.
J. I want to watch Electric Company!
D. We've watched enough TV for today.
J. (in ascending tone of voice) No! We have NOT watched enough TV!! (D. stepped right into that one.)
D. Well, you won't get any TV talking to me like that. Anyway, we've had enough. Do you want to go outside or color?
J. Um, color. On the porch!
Ju. Crayons!

And color we did...

Proud Daddy says, yes, my 3-2/3-year-old can write his own name!

Next: Wean your toddler from overnight nursing with only mild hearing loss!
Nice job handling that too-much-TV disagreement.
My mother (among other parenting sources) is a strong advocate of offering a choice between doing what we want them to do and doing what we want them to do some superficially different way... it's amazing how well it works, at least with John.
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