Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Carbon Trading, Anyone?

by Tom Bozzo

The next two weeks are the Revenge of the Hail as the body shop attempts to undo the $4400 in damage the April storm inflicted on my poor baby car. Bike commuting, which I've been doing 4 days most work weeks (basically, as weather permits), will be slightly less discretionary for a while.

If you're feeling guilty about driving some ridiculously large SUV to work, Starbucks, etc., I have 2-3 kg/day in carbon dioxide offsets to sell you to assuage your guilt. Complete markets in everything?
Great offer, Tom. My CO2 footprint at the moment is also nobly limited to, you know, breathing and having the lights on. Shall I sell you my share? You can go retail!
Xtin, we just need to figure out your counterfactual CO2 emissions once I have the exchange set up. (Which may make for an unusual scenario: 'buy my CO2 credits, or else I'll buy a car and emit myself.') Does Prof. Agent Smith drive much? You could use him as a proxy.
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