Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quote of the Day (We've Got A Bigger Problem Now Dep't)

by Tom Bozzo

From Frank Paynter, on yesterday's Nazi "rally" in Madison:
Another issue I have relates to the expropriation of the terms National Socialism and Fascism. These pansies couldn’t organize the local chamber of commerce, much less achieve an integration of national government with corporate industrial power. While the Bush administration colludes with Halliburton, Bechtel, and big oil… while the Republicans disband the citizen army and rely on professional reserves and mercenaries like Black Water… while the entire public infrastructure is scrapped and private enterprise takes over public education, trash hauling, water supplies, municipal power and light… while two generations’ carefully crafted social statutes are flushed down a toilet and replaced by private security guards protecting privileged classes while poverty spreads and disempowerment of the poor is institutionalized… while the biggest state budget items are for new prison construction and a bizarre proportion of poor, young black and latino males are incarcerated, IT JUST DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT FOR THESE LITTLE PUD PULLERS TO OWN THE NAME FASCIST. We know who the fascists are and it ain’t them.
Frank is right that it's best to let those f*ckwits have their say with a large crowd on hand to exercise their right to ridicule, annoying though it was that they got to impose a sizeable external cost on Madison society by closing down the Farmer's Market early. Even if such things might somehow be construed to pass First Amendment muster, hate speech laws create a raft of problems of their own, as Glenn Greenwald notes today.

(I wouldn't let off the pud pullers who so misuse the term as to equate it with phantom interblog communication networks, either.)
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