Friday, September 29, 2006

I've been ignoring this deliberately, but...

by Ken Houghton

It would be interesting to analyse the data of this auction (alliance, expected low, expected high, and actuals) to check spending patterns across generations.

UPDATE: More here, and an update on the results here. It would be fair to say that the pre-sale estimates for the Major Items were nearly uninformative. -ATB
I'd consider it a bearish signal if the NCC-1701-D model doesn't clear the top end of the estimated range.

While there's an uncontrolled variation in the intensity of SW vs. ST fandom here, a ROTS Republic Star Destroyer pictured here, built from LEGO (and containing about $3,500 in parts), sold on eBay for $31,600.
Um, didn't I used to have some comments here?
Gary, those comments are to this post.
Thanks. Silly me.
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