Thursday, November 30, 2006

Filling a Not-so-Sad, but Soon-to-be Empty Place

by Ken Houghton

Since I was running late, my normal morning radio programming was up to the Yeshiva League Sports Report (think "Seven-foot Jews
in the NBA / slam-dunking- / my alarm clock rings" without the humor). Which left button-pushing. And one of the disadvantages of driving in Newark is that reception of The Rock of New Jersey fades.

The short of it is that Jim Kerr on New York's ONLY Classic Rock Station was the only thing tolerable. (The alternative to discussions of Britney's recent displays-of-quiff and commercials for [redundancy alert] bad Fox and ABC television shows.) And he was talking about a gentleman in Kansas City who has given away tens of thousands of dollars a year for the past few decades (over $1.3MM all told, iirc), and who will probably have to stop after this year.

In this holiday season, as the time has come to think of sending cards, sending one to:

Secret Santa
P.O. Box 5891
Kansas City, MO 64171

would be a mitzvah.
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