Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vatican 90210

by Ken Houghton

Stephen Colbert just recited some Revised Standard or New American Version of the Nicene Creed.

True God of True God? (nee Very God of Very God)

Tom (or anyone else qualified to comment), I need a reality check; is that the version you know? Or did the back-to-basics movement get taken over by the American Girl crowd?

Tom adds: It's "true God from true God" (see the comments). As translations of an aspect of the mystery of the Trinity into human language go (i.e., neither the Father/Mother nor the Son is less than 100% God), I'd have to stick up for the modern vernacular's superior comprehensibility given that usage of "very" as "truly" is not so common.
My non-Wikipedia-enhanced answer is "True God from true God."


That turns out to be a correct recollection of the 1973-1975 ecumenical version.
Ah, I see what happened. I was remembering the Lutheran version.

Still, it seems odd to quote the "ecumenical version" when you're ranting about the Ecu-Menace. (Especially if Shira was correct and he was reading the cue cards more than working from memory, which seems true if you check his eyes during the segment.)
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