Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Day Begins

by Ken Houghton

It may be the euphoria of having been up for three hours, but so far all has been excellent. We arrived at the hospital on time (5:30 a.m.), and (unlike some previous experiences elsewhere) the time was filled with activity until Shira went in for surgery.

Not to mention that the hospital provides free wireless internet access in the Surgery Waiting Room and a few other public waiting areas.

Song of the morning: Lucinda Williams, "Learning How to Live," which was the first song heard this morning on the best radio station in the New York area.

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Hope her surgery and recovery goes well.
Nice song.

Hope things continue to go well for all concerned at the hospital and with recovery at home. (I read in the newer post that the surgery is over. I bet that was a relief.)
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