Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day

by Unknown

Those of you who are searching for that special something for the mother(s) in your life, who are simply fed up with the commercialism of Hallmark holidays, or who are simply looking for a worthy cause to which to send part of your tax refund, check out this website.

On a side note, I found it somewhat intriguing that the organization promoting this (very worthy) cause and video downplays Julia Ward Howe's link to the feminist movement. Neither the front page nor the history page mention the F word at all, and if it's in the video, it's pretty well buried. (Sure, Gloria Steinem is in the video, but gets minimal airtime.) Even the description of Julia Ward Howe's life emphasizes her abolitionist activities as much as her feminist ones, although my understanding is that the latter occupied a far larger chunk of her life.

One has to wonder if this was a strategic choice in framing, given that feminists rank right up there with atheists in [some] Americans' Pantheon of Evil.

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