Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nieuw Bericht from Amsterdam: Random Bullets of Transoceanic Flight

by Tom Bozzo

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You hadn't seen The Incredibles before now? I think Julia and John are in for a Major Treat. (Check out the 2-disc edition, with the extra short of the baby.)
Not that all preschoolers / toddlers are the same, but Quinn was scared by the Incredibles until age 4 or so. Same with Monsters Inc., because of the Obligatory Sundering from Parental Figure scene. (The OSPF scene at the beginning of Finding Nemo didn't bother him, perhaps because it's more subtle.)
John is in a transition phase where he's somewhat drawn to more intense entertainments, but still wary of them. This is partly a byproduct of a deliberate effort on our part to keep both kids away from content that wouldn't fit on PBS Kids for as long as possible.

He liked Cars (which I'd put in the Netflix queue as an experiment), but didn't really want to re-watch it. But he went on a Cinderella jag despite the Very Mean Parental Figure scenes. (Which makes me wonder if it's just intense action, or if he'd react to the OSPF.)

I think the Pixar films are well-calibrated, and The Incredibles is a mild PG, but villian-killing-superheroes material is PG nevertheless.
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