Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Nonrandom 43

by Tom Bozzo

My iTunes library contains 3,423 songs, of which 1,828 have been played at least once. Of those, only these 43 have seen 10 (or more) spins on the computer or the 'Pod:

Power laws at work

The first-ranked track is available as a free-as-in-beer MP3 download from the good folks at Teen Beat Records. What it means that on winter drives to work (*), I have some weird Japan/Roxy Music/Duran Duran thing going on, is left as an exercise for the reader.

For the whole library, the distribution of plays-vs-rank (**) doesn't quite follow a single-exponent power law, but there is a long tail:

Picture 5.png

(*) During the biking season, the iPod gets much less operating time. While it's easy to see the telltale white wires on campus-area cyclists — not to mention cellphone-talking, latte-drinking, etc. — my preference is to hear the bus before it hits me.

(**) Was I a little bored today? Why yes, I was, thanks for asking!

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