Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Bullets of A Grand Evening Out

by Tom Bozzo


We've heard Overture Hall's concert organ (shown, in part, above) in a supporting role with the Madison Symphony, but I was curious to hear it front and center, and got my wish with a recital by the Cathedral of Notre Dame organist Olivier Latry last night, at $15 a super-duper bargain. Some thoughts:

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I took Shira to hear an all-Messiaen program at Carnegie Hall once. The couple next to us, at the intermission, asked if we expected the next piece to sound similar to the first one.

We affirmed. They left.

Schedule time next month for the American Girl store in NYC. It's a couple of blocks from Build-a-Bear, so you can spend the entire budget for the year in less than four hours.
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