Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Romney, now Huckabee

by Ken Houghton

What is it about Republican Presidential candidates and the inability to treat a dog humanely?

Update: I see that Digby was on this Thursday, and both she and Lambert at CorrenteWire has an update.

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Don't forget Judi! 9/11! America's Mayor's Most Recent Wife! and the stapled and killed puppies...
I lived in Little Rock in the late 1990s. As I recall,

1. The incident with the dog was alleged to be much worse than hanging - apparently the dog was stoned first.
2. The incident may have been done in full view of a troop of boy scouts.
3. The story was something of common knowledge in Little Rock before it finally appeared in a local alternative weekly. In fact, the younger Huckabee had quite the reputation, as I recall.
Even when it involves people I very much hope do not get elected, I'm not going to hold parents responsible for things their adolescent children do.
If you follow the links, Huckabee apparently can be blamed for is trying to obstruct the investigation of his son's wrongdoing. That's arguably as serious of an offense as the son's wrongdoing (granted, the dog may think otherwise).
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