Friday, January 04, 2008

AEA Highlights I

by Ken Houghton

Ignoring that our luggage was lost and my IRS interview tonight may have to be done in tennis shoes and two-days-worn clothing...

  1. Ed Glaeser (having presented what seems to have been a fascinating paper) responding to the question "Why didn't you include the current Iraq war in your discussion?" by noting that he stopped with Vietnam because "we have the LBJ tapes as evidence." And noting the point to which many of us return: It's possible that this entire cf is because GWB believes Saddam Hussein really did try to kill his father.

  2. Dani Rodrik (following a presentation by William Easterly) by declaring that his presentation should be though of as "Easterly on Prozac"—and then proving it by attempting to embed YouTube clips into his presentation.*

More on the Rodrik presentation later.

He was sadly unsuccessful. I encourage everyone to go over to his blog and ask him to post the links. And while you're there, read this post, which dovetails nicely with that presentation. UPDATE: Dani Rodrik has posted those links, and summarized his presentation here.

UPDATE 2:Felix Salmon piles on, as it were, adding a clip via Infectious Greed to the mix.

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