Saturday, January 05, 2008

AEA Highlights III - An ExtraPresentation Interlude

by Ken Houghton

Not certain if this counts as a highlight (more of those tomorrow):

  1. We are at the dinner for Economists for Peace and Security, honoring Paul Krugman. There have been e-mails from Robert Solow and Paul Samuelson, a live commentary by Maurice Obstfeld, and now Joseph Stiglitz is talking.

    For some reason (bad eyesight all day), I am looking at Robin Wells (a.k.a. Paul Krugman's wife) as Stiglitz says, roughly, "Paul told the truth in 2000, 2001, and 2002, not without a price."

    Ms. Wells reaction at that point, even though it was as guarded as possible, could be expanded into a novel, but it would be a depressing one.

The coda would be when Duncan Foley asks Krugman not only about bipartisanship, but also extended the question to whether Krugman himself has been contacted by anyone from the other side.

The answer, not surprisingly, was no.

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