Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shoot Me Now, or Lance Nailed this One

by Ken Houghton

Katie Couric "informed" her audience around 9:00pm that ObamaNation had "closed the entire gap" here in the great state of New Jersey (it's a 10-point gap as I type, with the state called for Clinton before then), while the other insane septuagenarian won the entire "tri-state" (New York and its two rich suburbs) because of the support of Rudy G.

In other news, I was voter #286 in my precinct tonight, nearly an hour before the polls closed. I don't believe I've ever had that high a number before, so maybe there is something to the rumors of the Obama turnout.

Then again, for those whose memory is better than Katie Colonoscopy's: remind me again how many Republicans won a House or Senate election in 2006?

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