Monday, February 11, 2008

We're #1, Please Kill Me Now

by Tom Bozzo

Some climate data as of 2/11/07...

CitySnowfall (in.)
since July 1, 2007
Heating degree days (F)
since July 1, 2007
Wilmington, DE6.92,694
Binghamton, NY44.13,935
Syracuse, NY71.03,718
Madison, WI75.54,550

You have that right, folks, despite being relatively free of lake-effect snow by virtue of geography and prevailing winds, we are snowier than Syracuse for the winter-to-date, with another 3-4" expected tonight. Looking around, I have to head to the Lake Superior snowbelt to find someplace materially snowier.

It perhaps goes without saying that if I wanted to live in Syracuse, I could have had twice the house for half the price, access to the Stickley factory outlet, etc.

(Note to Mom: pack boots.)

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Concord NH:

SINCE JUL 1 78.7

degree days
SINCE JUL 1 4321

We're under (-407) on normal degree days, but 3' ahead on snowfall (oh, my achin' back).
We're also under on HDDs (-320), but our snow total is +41.7" vs. "normal."
I've been trying to convince Shira that Binghamton wouldn't be a bad place to live.

Trying to figure out if this is ammunition, or if I should just not let her read the blog for a while longer...
Binghamton is listed as a proxy for Ithaca, which doesn't have its own climate summary from the NWS (that I can find).

I imagine it's only a moderate exaggeration to suggest that Binghamton house prices are more like commissions on northern-NJ ones.
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