Saturday, February 09, 2008

Caroline Spector Supports Obama, not Hope

by Ken Houghton

With a rather appropriate title, former DU poster and more-politically-active-than-I (not that that takes much) Caroline Spector endorses the reality, not the illusion of Obama:
I was an Edwards supporter, and I actually think Hillary is better qualified, but against McCain, she’s going to have problems....

[paragraph discussing the Iraq War, noting that Obama, not having been in the U.S. Senate in 2002, can run as a "purer" candidate]

[O]ur economy is in the ******* in no small part because of the war. (The housing bust — so reminiscent of the S&L debacle of Saint Ronnie’s tenure — is a huge part as well, but that’s another post.) If Obama can tie the two together in peoples’ minds, he will have a real shot at winning....

And after watching the last year’s worth of coverage of Clinton’s campaign, I am struck by how much this country still just plain hates and fears women.

I feel like a traitor to my gender, but I’m likely going to vote for Obama in the Texas primary. I’d rather not give men a reason not to vote for a Democrat (Hey, notice the correct usage of the word!) this election. And I’m delighted that there are so many who are inspired by Obama and who see him as a force for change. But this is the eighth presidential election I’ve voted in. And in those mumbledy-mumble years, I’ve seen a lot. Most of it not pretty.

Sure, I’d love to be inspired. I’d like to Mulder this election. But we can’t afford that. We need to win. If we thought the last eight years were bad — just imagine four more years of war, our currency in free fall, and the rest of the world thinking we’ve lost our collective minds.

So forgive me for being pragmatic. I can’t afford to hope right now. If we win, I swear I’ll let a glimmer of it back into my heart.

We have come to the point of being able to say that our most-qualified remaining candidate is not our best candidate to win the election.

When did Democrats become Republicans? And, more importantly, can it last?

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