Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gregg Easterbrook Post of the Day

by Ken Houghton

"With 6:49 left in the third quarter of a 7-3 game, the New England Patriot chose not to attempt a 49-yard Field Goal on fourth down and 13.

"There were attempts at explanations: Stephen Gostkowski's long kick for the season was 45 yards. Even a marginal gain would pin the Giants further back. The Patriots had converted two passes for more than thirteen yards on that drive alone, including one on 3rd and 13 that had kept the current drive alive.

"But TMQ, furious and knowing better, wrote 'Game Over' in his notebook. Surely the Football G-ds would retaliate for such hubris."


I stopped reading TMQ this year; every time he went off on a non-football thing that I knew anything about, he was pretty much wrong*. So I started wondering why I thought he was right about football.

* And I cut a lot of slack for real journalists, working on a deadline, who miss things or decide certain details are unimportant. But non-football items in a sports column have no excuse for being wrong.
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