Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rutgers and Rutgers-Newark Updates

by Ken Houghton

If you watch the following video from about 0:40 to 0:51, you will see approximately $1,000,000 per second being transferred from New Brunswick, NJ, to Louisville, KY.

I hasten to note that I in no way hold #83 responsible for this. That Rutgers was in this position in the first place took a silly defensive penalty, a team collapse against the University of Cincinnati, and myriad other individual moments. The result will likely be the same as last year: losing money on playing in a bowl with a mere $1MM+ payoff.

On the positive note, Rutgers-Newark, previously noted here as "making" the Economics Departments's equivalent of the BCS, the finals of the Fed Challenge, finished third nationally. This was good for a few thousand dollars to the students, and a few thousand more to the severely-underbudgeted department.

The Rutgers-Newark Fed Challenge Team

However, I suspect Dr. Graham will not receive a raise, in any proportion, similar to that of Greg Schiano. Or even matching fullback Brian Leonard's post-graduate scholarship as the top college football scholar athlete.

P.S. I made a, er, catty comment about the loss to the University of Cincinnati making the Bearcats bowl-eligible. It appears the people at the International Bowl were listening; the 6-6 team that replaced lost its coach will play Western Michigan.

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