Monday, January 31, 2005

Yesterday's Joke is Today's News

by Tom Bozzo

When I blogged last week about the "magic of personalization," I was of course trying to be mean to the would-be Social Security privatizers. Now it turns out, according to this morning's Post, that "personalization" actually is the Congressional Republicans' latest preferred term for the still-mysterious Plan. Life imitates art after all!

We'll see how long that survives comparisons to other "personalized" communications. Suggestions, anyone?

Update: Matthew Yglesias, among other major bloggers commenting on the latest privatization language, notes that personalization has been a largely unsuccessful movement in web design.

Update 2: To answer my own question, with perhaps a more piquant example than web design, let's try personalization in direct mail marketing. Credit card soliciations, anyone?
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