Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Directed Random Ten

by Tom Bozzo

Inspiral Carpets
Move In
Move E.P.
Walk Into The Sea
The Great Destroyer
The Bats
Round And Down
Daddy's Highway
West Of The Fields
The Flatmates
I Don't Care
Love And Death
Decca Reprise
For Love
The Wedding Present
Blessed State
New Order

The universe for the Random Ten is now up to 2,004 songs, per the iPod. Curiously, it disagrees with iTunes on the track count; the latter says I have an a propos 2,005 songs in the library. Another iTunes mystery is why some albums can be converted much faster than others. The old PowerBook was constrained by its processing capabilities; not so the iMac. Some albums blast into the library at nearly 20x normal playback speed, while others struggle along at the 5x speeds typical of PowerBook operations. I wonder why this is. As much of my collection is what would now be considered classic rock in some circles, have wondered if I might be at risk of laser rot, but I haven't noticed a solid correlation between CD age and importation speed.
It is not unusual for me to not recognize bands and soloists. But when I run your lists by those in the know -- they draw a blank as well. Do tell: how did you come to find these particular artists?
Nina: A large part of my collection occupies a territory ranging from obscure to very obscure. Most of it dates from my late-eighties involvement in college radio. I occasionally have listening sessions with Suzanne, since she hasn't heard (or heard of) much of it, either.

Of the bands listed here, R.E.M. and New Order actually had mainstream hit records. Wire is an antecedent band for much punk rock. And I actually saw The Wedding Present in Madison -- about nine years ago -- at the late and lamented East End club on Atwood Ave.
your ipod issue may be that one song in your itunes library is not in the proper format for the ipod. i think i have seen this is the past.
I figured it out -- one "track" in the library is a link to a stream of a song.
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