Saturday, October 22, 2005

Day 1 With Boy: So Far, So Good

by Tom Bozzo

Here is the thrillingness of my father-son time so far (spouse and daughter arrived safely in Dallas). Hold on to your hats!
Time to get him up... meanwhile, here's the boy after yesterday's birthday party with the playgroup friends.
Me, I 'm off to watch one daughter tend a bar and the other make friends instantly by wearing what has to be the most original (low cut by mommy's standards) shirt ever. Time passes very quickly for parents. Unfortunately.
I'm thinking of instituting a family-wide boycott of both Target and Walmart, but of course, I can only do that because we just got a membership to an unrelated Big Warehouse Store.

But the denial of prescription issue is rapidly getting so widespread that I'm afraid we're going to run out of drug stores and stuff stores. And I can't exactly buy my Halloween candy at Whole Foods...
Nina: I'm thankful to have a few years to get ready for that...

Phantom: Unfortunately, the nearest outpost of the Big Warehouse Store that treats its employees well is almost 2 hrs away in Illinois, and it doesn't seem to make sense to get a bigger car to haul stuff back from the locations near Grandma's house in MN.

In our neighborhood, you probably could get away with a Whole Foods Halloween. Isn't the problem that we've all been conditioned to distrust treats that haven't been manufactured and pre-sealed for our convenience? A price, I suppose, of suburbanites not knowing which of their neighbors are psychos.
Well, also that it gets expensive buying Halloween candy at Whole Foods. We get over a hundred trick-or-treaters here in good weather.

I wish we had some of those lovely looking chocolate Elmo-and-truck cookies to hand out, though!
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