Sunday, October 23, 2005

Day 2 With Boy: Itinerary

by Tom Bozzo

Note to Tonya: My Blue's Clues avoidance efforts were foiled this morning by John saying, "Daddy, will you snuggle with me and watch Blue's Clues? That's a great idea!" Can I dash my son's impressions of what constitutes a great idea before he even turns 3? No, I can't.

Chocolate, Elmo, and trucks. Who can ask for anything more?

4:07 P.M. Update: The Complete Thomas the Tank Engine Collection, compiling 26 of the Rev. W. Audry's stories, is a hit even though we've read two stories so far and Thomas has not yet made an appearance. It was also a snip, under $20 including tax thanks to the aforementioned coupon. The catalog can be made to disappear. Parking at the wrong end of Hilldale let me sneak a little exercise into the grocery shopping trip, though there were potent fumes (fuel? turpentine?) in the vicinity of some construction in the south end of the mall. I also had to grit my teeth while passing the site of the tossed-out Chocolate Shoppe, eventually to be replaced by Ben & Jerry's. Prep work for dinner (sautéed chicken breasts w/ herbs, couscous, chilled steamed broccoli w/ lemon juice and olive oil, cupcakes for dessert) and two loads of laundry are done. A solid nap is continuing.
Hope you enjoyed the videos. Things will get better as the kids get older. I loved watching The Magic School Bus videos.

Those cupcakes look so yummy.
Well, it is nice to be wanted.

The cupcakes are indeed yummy, though supplies are starting to run low.
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