Saturday, October 01, 2005

What Have You Done For Me Lately, Dad?

by Tom Bozzo

My diabolical plan to turn John into a Lego maniac has been remarkably successful. Maybe too successful.

No sooner had we completed Stephanie the SST than he was asking, "What are you going to build next, Dad?" Another spaceship was then requested. Demanded, even. Fortunately, I still had, packed up from last year's move, the parts along with a computer model needed to rebuild one of Stephanie's larger siblings (as yet unnamed) without requiring the Duke and Duchess to tax the Island of Sodor back to the stone age to finance the construction.

That led to lots of "I'm going down the basement to build Legos with my Dad." "Can I help you get pieces, Dad?" Regarding which I was thinking, since when did you turn three-and-a-half, buddy? In any event, completion of spaceship #2 did give me one temporarily very happy boy:

But now he wants Dad to build him a car. At least this will be the cheap to fuel and insure kind.
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