Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Other Fuel Price Spike

by Tom Bozzo

Heating season is not looking like it will be fun. From my gas bill:
That's an 80.4% increase. Oh, joy. While it's not heating season yet, even here, the Energy Information Administration notes that there is still considerable Gulf of Mexico supply disruption, and the prices they track did not decline (and, for the most part, actually increased) from September through early October.

Addendum: This was also front page of the Wisconsin State Journal material. A graphic in the print edition, not available online, provides a projection of $1.59/therm for the winter heating season — versus 75-80 cents last winter. Ouch.
Damn. Some of my winter MGE bills last year were >$200 for my tiny two bedroom house. That was when Rebecca was pregnant too, and the thermostat was set at a mere 60˚C to keep her comfortable. I can't imagine paying >$400 per month, nor can I afford it!

Time to move south.
oops. ˚F, not ˚C. No wonder my heating bills are so high.
My understanding is that sunbelt a/c bills would shock you into becoming a Democrat, so you might think about the Pacific northwest.
Yay! the worst of both worlds here in greater DC. Currently we're paying $1.3831 so I can't wait for the increase to kick in...
Jeepers! I hope you get a mild winter.
When we went shopping for pellet stoves last weekend, we discovered that there's been a run on them for exactly the reason you just noted. We were thinking of using it mostly for emergencies, but with the price of gas going the way it is, we may be using it regularly.
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