Monday, December 05, 2005

Book Club, Mk. 2

by Tom Bozzo

It's been the best of days and the worst of days, and the Blogspot outage further impedes a substantive post — or at least my motivation to complete one. When the blog is back up, this will simply be to announce to book club participants that I've finished Charlie Stross's Accelerando and will post some additional reactions soon. (Maybe the Arizona contingent of the audience could nudge Kieran Healy to nudge the other Crooked Timberites to recruit Stross for their next SF/fantasy "seminar.") In the meanwhile, I'm starting Chris Mooney's The Republican War On Science.

Nominees for the reading material to follow Mooney are welcome. Mine are Susanna Clarke's Hugo-winning Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and Jared Diamond's Collapse, neither new to the leading edges of the blogiverse but neither necessarily exhausted by pre-existing blogging.
I need to get to work. I'm only halfway through Accelerando right now and seem to have been losing steam since the end of semester nears.
That's OK. I've been busy too, and had been avoiding TRWoS for a couple days to avoid the anger/depression cycles it is likely to induce.
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