Monday, December 26, 2005

Expanding the Musical Horizons

by Tom Bozzo

Much as I enjoy playing Friday-Stump-the-iTunes-Music-Store with the detritus of my college-radio days, I do actually want to listen to new things once in a while. So, folks who follow the Marginal Utility tens (or don't, but have an opinion), what should I be listening to that I am not?

Two Three groups already on the list:
1. The Decemberists, Scrivener's favorites.
2. The Arcade Fire, from the Pub Sociology family. And I should add Rilo Kiley, considering Brayden's celebrity crush on Jenny Lewis. Or maybe Electrelane? (Four!)

Decisions, decisions.
Death Cab for Tegan and Sara
Um, maybe you could listen to some Dave Matthews Band.

I gave Oscar a CD for his birthday a couple of years ago. The last I heard, he had put it in storage. Maybe I could retrieve it and pass it along to you.
Tonya, what a surprise ;-). I would, at the very least, add it to the iPod and let it play when it comes around in the shuffle.

Jeremy, noted.
Wolf Parade, Apologies for the Queen Mary
I don't listen to enough new bands to sagely comment, but will note that the new Public Enemy album is really strong.

By the way, having just typed "wblkf" below, can someone please explain why blogger calls it "word verification"??
I second The Arcade Fire and the Decemberists and add Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Andrew Bird, and the new Iron & Wine and Calexico collaboration!
I agree with I&W, though I'd recommend his first two albums as a start.
Thanks for the suggestions, Jay, Katherine, and Ken. Our Friendly Neighborhood CD Store thanks you in advance, too.

Ken: What really gets me about word (sic) verification is how often I fail my own Turing test.
Definitely The Decemberists. I like Arcade Fire and Rilo Kiley but before you get those, take at least one of Katherine's suggestions and get Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs, which is definitely in the top 2 albums of the year in my book. I agree with Jay, too, that I'd get Endless Summer Days and/or Woman King before I got the newest I&W.

Also, do you have Wilco? If not, get Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which is a few years old now but totaly amazing.
A great way to find new music is through (My page on that site is: )

You can listen to "radio stations" of other members. You can also see what others are listening to, and if they are on the server, listen to those songs by doing a search.

It's such a great site. I need to set aside more time for it.
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