Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Random Ten: See You Soon Edition

by Tom Bozzo

Blogging will be light-to-nonexistent for the next couple days as Suzanne and I are getting a head start on our fifth anniversary celebration with a trip to see Sir Michael Tippett's The Midsummer Marriage at the Lyric Opera of Chicago tomorrow. This also will give us a chance to play grown-ups for more than a couple hours at a stretch, since needless to say opera and toddlers don't mix.

Meanwhile, here's this week's dose of strange rock'n'roll...

(Artist, Song, Album)
1. The Chills, You Can Understand Me, Sunburnt
2. Joy Division, Insight, Unknown Pleasures
3. The Clean, Tally Ho!, Compilation
4. The Go-Go's, How Much More, Beauty and the Beat
5. Dif Juz, No Motion, Lonely Is An Eyesore
6. The Primitives, Across My Shoulder, Lazy 86-88
7. Elliott Smith, 2:45 A.M., Either/Or
8. The Lyres, Not Like That Other One, On Fyre
9. The Misfits, Hollywood Babylon, Misfits CD
10. The Smiths, Barbarism Begins At Home (don't it ever), Meat Is Murder

A surprising absence of Smiths catalog at the iTMS keeps the Esoterica Index (100% less the percentage of songs available on the iTMS) at a relatvely strong 60%. Though it's fun to note that the 1987 4AD Records compilation Lonely Is An Eyesore's availability means that Colourbox's great montage-style Hot Doggie — a direct predecessor of the widely disseminated Pump Up The Volume (M|A|R|R|S being a joint venture between Colourbox and the more arcane A.R. Kane) — is available for download, just 99 cents!
Happy anniversary!

(And it killlllls me that iTunes doesn't have the Smiths. What kind of record store is this, anyway???)
Happy anniversary! I love your taste in music.
Thanks, PS and APL!

I have no idea what the issue with the Smiths might be. Perhaps there are rights issues.
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