Monday, October 02, 2006

G-- D--- Euphemisms

by Tom Bozzo

Scanning this morning's headlines, I caught a glimpse of "Online gaming in crisis over U.S. ban," and naturally wondered if the wingnuts had protected society from the possibility of virtual Elf-Dwarf love in the middle of the night.

Of course, what the headline writer really meant was "online gamBLing." So I promptly let my breath out.

Certain blog-pals who like to play the "prediction markets" might not feel the same way.

In other euphemism news, Tony Snow redefines the term "naughty e-mails" in a manner that should, in the grander scheme, just play brilliantly with anyone with the slightest sense of decency.
The extra two letters probably made the headline too long in the print edition.
virtual Elf-Dwarf love


Mrs. C.: Dunno... I think actual print outlets often supply their own headlines to the wire service stories -- as needed to fill space or not, as you suggest. But "gaming" *is* the industry's official euphemism for the services they provide ('It's just fun and games, not desperate losers and bored seniors!').

Mixter: Thx!
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