Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Budget Season: Personal Interlude

by Ken Houghton

Finally upgraded self and spouse to camera-capable mobiles. Some results below.

2,000 words of Rosalyn Pandora at the Turtleback Zoo:

1,000 words of Valerie Jenna Rose at Sesame Place, with Telly on her left and Some Other Monster on her right:

Such cute kids! And we can now attach a face with your name...

BTW, those aren't bad for cameraphone snaps. The camera functionality on ours is all but useless.
I thought about editing myself out of the SP picture—more because I'm not the subject of the shot than out of any delusion of privacy (there are shots of me out there)—but that would have been silly.

Yes, but just consider how much better the shots will be over the two years (when we can next replace the phones).

Credit Where Due: the photos were all taken by Shira, who gets better results from cameras than I ever will.
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