Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Similarity between EOB and E. O'B

by Ken Houghton

Compare this from Maureen at EOB with this from E. O'B.

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Do note that although McHugh is way smarter than me, I called the mother effer out.
I'm just stunned.

I never made the connection between our initials -- EOB and EO'B.

If that's not having Fate notify you about somebody who's in your karass, I don't know what is.
Of course, the difference is that Erin steps up to the plate and DOES something where as I just seethe and write passive aggresive articles.

I would love to be half as ballsy as E.O'B. Hell, I'd settle for having her hair.
What does karass mean, anyway?
Erin - If not being as smart as Maureen were a crime, most of Staten Island, Cleveland, and Austin would be in jail right now. And the rest of us would be out only because the jails were too full.

Fortunately, she needs to keep us around to remind her about the Vonnegut references.
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