Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Preschooler Extra: Butterflies!

by Tom Bozzo

Regarding the Blooming Butterflies extravaganza at local treasure Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison Guy says, "Be sure to bring a camera. You can't miss." It's true!

Olbrich Butterfly 1

The kids did get into some butterfly-related program activities, though we thought it was pretty odd that this board makes it look like the Very Hungry Caterpillar is after Julia.

A few more pictures after the jump, or head on over to Flickr for even more.

Two sides of a Peruvian butterfly, still iridescent after 81 years:
Iridescent butterfly 1.1

Ready for takeoff:
Olbrich butterfly 3

Zebra stripes:
Olbrich butterflies 6

On the Great Ice Cream Hunt (collect stamps in the outdoor gardens, get a cone of Michael's Frozen Custard):

Sylvia Beckman's bronze "Spring," now surrounded by peak summer vegetation:

The "look only with your eyes" message didn't quite stick (monster at the bridge to the Thai Garden):
Don't touch the monster!

Butterfly bush, minus the butterflies:
Butterfly bush...

Post-butterfly treat — less of this was worn than you might think:
Payoff 1

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