Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eight Cents for the Stamp, $6 Million for the Transportation

by Tom Bozzo

Taking a break from his usual programming, Mark Thoma dug out this very cool piece of airmail (click to embiggen):

He says, "maybe someone will be interested." Well, for my money the XB-70 is the Coolest Real Plane Ever.

(Title note: The XB-70 program cost $1.48 billion [current dollars, I assume] and involved 252 hours, 38 minutes of flight time.)


Believe it or not, I once got to see the surviving XB-70 at the Air Force museum in Dayton. I spent the longest time looking for it in the vast, cavernous hanger with no luck. Then, I realized that I was standing right next to a gigantic nose wheel.

The thing is so damned big, that they have other planes parked underneath it. I almost missed it entirely. One of the coolest planes I've ever seen.
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