Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All

by Tom Bozzo

Even though I've been doing this blogging thing for almost three years [*], in some respects I feel like (or at least like to feel like I feel like) a Twentieth Century Boy. I regret, for instance, the demise of postal letters as a communications medium — not that I'm actually writing them these days. And I've preferred to take my computer strategy games single-player, rather than wage global thermonuclear war with friends or wander around Second Life with an Ivy League professor avatar. [**] For reasons like these or possibly others, it does seem to surprise a lot of people that I gave Ken, Kim, and Drek keys to the blog despite knowing them only from blog-related interactions and a smidgen of also-blog-related side chatter via e-mail.

Anyway, that anomaly has been eliminated as Suzanne and I used the conjunction of the sociology meetings with our annual summer visit to the East Coast to meet the whole lot of them, plus Tina [***], Drek's Sainted Fiancée, and Ken's wife Shira. So what were they like? Pretty much as I'd have expected, as it turns out. As for what those expecations were, well, that would be telling. But three cheers to Teh Intertubes for putting us in touch with them all. I could not ask for a better bunch of blog pals.

[*] The third blogiversary is Saturday. There will be pie bites to mark the occasion.

[**] The single-player game challenge, reverse engineering the AI players' behavior, should be understood as a form of recreation distinct from the multiplayer experiences.

[***] Also a co-blogger via Total Drek, she is now also blogging here.

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Tom (and Suzanne) - I had a great time, too. I'm sorry I had to run out so abruptly. I had a meeting with my editor, and I was having so much fun that I lost track of time!
It goes without saying that the Sainted Fiancee and I had a great time meeting both of you. I only wish we lived closer- the critical mass of sci-fi appreciation would be a thing to behold!
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