Monday, November 12, 2007

In my continuing effort to redefine "family blog"

by Ken Houghton

UPDATED: Jeremy spoke in class today, 14 Nov 2007

I want to reassure Jeremy (oops; make that Jeremy and Others)* that Economists don't Run Everything.

Nor, apparently, do they have exclusive rights to using the word "economic" in their papers. But, possibly to his regret, it isn't the sociologists who wrote this paper, either.

I want to see the expense reports.

(h/t Bad Science)

*Now we know why Tom is thinking of moving.

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I was going to do a post on this when it came out. No way the real effect is this large and exotic dancers wouldn't be aware of it -- that's something very much non-economic-minded about that paper.
You might imagine that qualitative research would unearth stripper folklore to that effect.

I got a good chuckle from the sentence in the abstract claiming that the paper constituted "direct economic evidence for the existence... of estrus." It's hard enough generating direct economic evidence for economic phenomena...
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