Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Random Ten

by Tom Bozzo

Those were the days

(Above: Reproduction of 1982 show flyer, from letterpress ephemera included in Bruce Licher's Independent Projects, 1989.)

1. Wire, Mr. Suit, Pink Flag
2. Heidi Berry, Firefly, Creation Purple Compilation
3. Sebadoh, Rebound, Bakesale
4. Manifesto, Pattern 26, Manifesto
5. Savage Republic, The Ivory Coast, Tragic Figures
6. Biff Bang Pow!, She Shivers Inside, The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel / Pass The Paintbrush, Honey
7. Eric Matthews, Fanfare (Reprise), It's Heavy In Here
8. Robyn Hitchcock, Brenda's Iron Sledge, Black Snake Dîamond Röle
9. The Lightning Seeds, Pure, Cloudcuckooland
10. The Pooh Sticks, Radio Ready, Formula One Generation

It's a tough week for the U.S. iTMS and eMusic, as rights-related difficulties or something puts the Esoterica Index at a solid 0.6. "Pure" was a top-20 single in the UK, and can be had from the UK iTMS, along with "Mr. Suit" on a collection of '77-'79 Wire classics. Remarkably, "Pure" is not included in a Lightning Seeds "collection" on iTMS Canada. This is where economists would tend to say, "stupid lawyers [and/or agents]," since making these items available in the U.S. would be all but gravy for someone given that they've already been processed for sale in the UK; Apple, no doubt, also has the technology to remit proceeds from U.S. sales to UK rights-holders. A legal download of a good Biff Bang Pow! greatest hits set is available for £7.99 direct from Rev-Ola Records, but it doesn't include the above track and I don't count stuff you actually have to go searching the open intertubes for.

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