Sunday, December 23, 2007

"I Am Not Left-Handed"

by Ken Houghton

I haven't fallen in two runs, and am less than 100 yards from the end of a third. The snow has stopped, the cover is good, and the rest of the day can be spent experimenting. It will be a good season for the first time in years.

I hear POPping before I realize I'm face-down in the snow. I get up about ten minutes later, but any sense of mobility formerly associated with the right arm is long gone.

The good news is that The Eldest finished her lesson and is eager to go back.

The bad news: I tell Shira that we have made tentative plans to go again New Year's Day. Her response, "After the X-ray?"

The better news: Range of motion is back to almost 60 degrees. A few more days improvement and I may not have to find out how good University Health Services is during the intercession. But blog posting will be intermittent, which is good since I've been looking at house prices in Barstow via redfin, and most of our readers can evaluate those as well as I.

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This comment is very late but who cares.
Barstow is high desert and may not see snow for decades but it is high and therefore colder than hell, California style, in the winter. Other than that the wind can blow like hell too. High winds mixed with sand! Yummy!
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