Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Perfect Gift for a Certain New Aunt

by Ken Houghton

Via the Social Science Statistics Blog, a flyswatter for the happy Milanophile.

As a bonus, the same post leads to (and features a picture of) a graphic-laden representation of What Georgie Wanted the US Budget to Be.

Which, given my recent obsession, leads to the obvious question (zoom in on the penny in the lower right corner): If "the cost growth per beneficiary in the Medicare and Medicaid programs has tracked cost trends in private-sector health-care markets" (h/t DeLong; the original is WSJ subscriber-only, though it was probably Digged), why was the Medicare budget only projected for a 5% (nominal) increase? Or does that question answer itself?

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Finally, a worldly and chic way to kill flies!

I had my heart set on a fleet of F/A 18 Hornets, but the cost of maintaining them is just a bit prohibitive @ 2.54 Billion.

Happy Holidays!
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