Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty, or Someone Else's Problems are Always Worse

by Ken Houghton

Apparently it's the anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Week, as commemorated by Lance and Blue Girl, among many others.

So our thanks go out to those who have us there. And while we might like to be included on others,* we're happy, especially as Tom is overscheduled and I'm scattered.

So, for tonight, I'm just going to give a shout-out to blue girl's Skimmer, whose travails on the ski slope today makes me feel much better about my old one. As Warren Zevon (or Madeleine Martin in Californication**) said:
I thought of my friends
And the troubles they've had
To keep me from thinking of mine

Blogging means never having to know you're alone. So click one of those links on the right—maybe one you never have before—and discover another new world.

*Not that we would name AngryBear, for instance.

**Though, iirc, this verse was dropped from her performance.

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Dan is slowly redoing the Angry Bear website - we're going to junk the old one so there's no point in incremental change.

The existing blogroll is one that was put together by AB himself a long time ago (3+ years I think).

While the going is slow, we have a preliminary blogroll put together for the new Angry Bear site and Marginal Utility is on it. (And not in the "Unintentionally Funny" or "Non-Economists" sections either.)
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