Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Starting with Gizzards and Necks, Hoping for Good Sausage

by Ken Houghton

The normally-astute James Galbraith and other members of Economists for Edwards are expected to endorse ObamaNation. Barkley Rosser, at Econospeak, presents the positive-spin version:
A condition of this, which I insisted on as a condition for signing on, was that it be made clear in our statement that we would be working to change some of Obama's policy positions, particularly on health care and social security, to become more like those supported by Edwards.

and notes the "sausage-making" amongst the group:
There was considerable debate in the group on all this, and about half are not signing on. However, none of those not signing on expressed that they favored Hillary instead, even though some favored some of her policy positions.

Is this supposed to be a positive statement?

PGL, in comments, is more cautious, while Paul Krugman notes that California voters are not such optimists, preferring to vote on issues.

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