Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Bright Positive Obama Supporter Rhetoric

by Ken Houghton

Following up Rachel Schneider's "old white women" description yesterday, Robert Farley at LG&M points us to the glories of commenters at OpenLeft trashing of HRC voters as "marshmallow-shaped, middle-aged people."

Way to reach out, dudes. You're making McCain look better all the time.

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I'll say what I said over at LGM. Isn't judging a campaign by pulling out a blog comment from Some Anonymous Guy a rhetorical strategy that we should deplore? If not, why not?
I'm not judging the campaign by the comment, but when you talk policy, Obama falls way short on the substance and his own rhetoric. But people like Kevin Quinn (see previous post) tell us we shouldn't be talking about policy, because we're being mean to him.

What is happening is that the Obama supporters—and Rachel Schneider yesterday was working for the campaign, not just blog-commenting—appear to be consistently trying to marginalize white and female voters, with special emphasis on those who are both.

The Obama supporters can kiss my lily-white arse.

And, no, it wouldn't stop me from voting for him in the general election—but it's a trend that one would think someone who claims he wants to "reach across the aisle" or whatever that schpiel is that "inspires" his supporters.

If Obama wants to truly be the symbol of hope his supporters claim he is, he'll get off his (not lily-white) arse and say something positive about Hillary's supporters and/or start addressing their issues in a way that makes sense. And I'll stop calling out the "inclusive" campaign.
You wanna fly out here and ask me to kiss your arse again?

I maintain that it's a category error to treat a 19-y.o. volunteer, however unfortunate her statements to the press, as emanating from the campaign. The campaign may be well-advised to use it as a teaching opportunity for its vols (always speak well of the electorate in public).

As for the policy substance, I'll address that in a separate post.
When you have a prominent organization that has supported Clinton (NY-NOW), releasing a statement that likens support to Obama to gang rape, I think it's time to not judge candidates based on what supporters, endorsers, or low-rung members of their campaign staff say.
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