Monday, February 11, 2008

How Finance interferes with Watching Football

by Ken Houghton

Real football, that is.

Pleasantly catching up last night on the Premier League games of the weekend (most of which were missed because of the East Coast version of a "hoedown" for kids; don't ask).

Aston Villa performed marvelously against Newcastle (spelling corrected by my Loyal Reader; actually, I was thinking of this one), tying the game early in the second half, followed by a hat trick from Norwegian John Carew (the last a penalty kick).

Looked as if it might have been a fun game to watch, except for one thing:

Both teams wore the jersey of their sponsor. For Villa, something called, which is meaningless for me.* But Newcastle's sponsor is Northern Rock.

It's difficult to imagine a team with Northern Rock on their jerseys beating almost anyone right now.

*It's a UK-based online casino, apparently. Since only an idiot would play a casino game online, I'm afraid I can't tell you if it's a good one.

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