Tuesday, April 11, 2006


by Tom Bozzo

Thanks to the last-in/first-out convention of blog organization, it probably will make more sense to you that I'm announcing the third of the guest bloggers "after" his post appears.

Please give a big Marginal Utility welcome to Drek, second member of the crew from the sociologysphere. Word has it that Drek's alter ego walks the earth as a PhD student at a large U.S. institution of higher education not in the central time zone that I could name, but am sworn not to. OK, I'm not sworn, but I'm not telling. As the proprietor of the wide-ranging Total Drek, he is a blog pal of long standing, keeps me up on the latest in the debate over "public sociology (*)," and has the educator's drive to try to shed light in the darnedest corners.

Today, Drek offers — by way of a preview of a study showing relative lack of religious tolerance in the U.S. towards the non-religious forthcoming in the American Sociological Review — some actual analysis of data on public attitudes towards atheists, communists, and homosexuals. Are the culture wars half-won or half-lost? We report, you decide...

(*) For economist readers, "public sociology" is roughly analogous to "all economic commentary by economists intended for more-or-less general consumption."
You're too kind, Tom. Seriously, it's like giving a formal introduction for a trained monkey.

Some peanuts and a couple of cranks on a portable-organ would have sufficed.
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