Tuesday, December 27, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

I really shouldn't be whining today. It's our fifth wedding anniversary! (For regulars, the real thing; we celebrated early in Chicago.) I wonder how five years could have passed, but yesterday we visited with one friend I've known for 27 years, with another friend of college vintage which is (gasp) 20 years ago, and today ran into a third friend of comparably long tenure whose two boys were remarkably big.

I blame the time acceleration that accompanies child-rearing.

December 27, 2000
Picture 042
Happy Anniversary!

A Christmas wedding...it must have been a beautiful one.
Happy anniversary!!!
Happy anniversary!
Thanks, everyone!

We had a very small wedding (~20 people, including us, almost all immediate family), and having it this time of year indeed made it quite beautiful.
a memorable date for me now for exactly the opposite reason. Yours is a happy one indeed! To many decades of joy for the two of you. Happy anniversary, Tom and Suzanne!
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