Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Horizons Update

by Tom Bozzo

Thanks to all the commenters in this thread for the music suggestions. I started off with The Arcade Fire's "Funeral" and Spoon's "Girls Can Tell;" hat tip for the latter to my one-time employer Bert Ottaviano of Bert's CDs in Wilmington. The rest should keep the Madison shops busy for a while — or, if heavy weaponry is needed, Other Music NYC's mail order operation.

Meanwhile, Baby Boy Cousin (#4) was born at 5:17 CST this evening, so there'll be a new baby in St. Paul when we return to the Midwest. Congratulations to the parents and Cousin Al!
I know this is an old post, but I'm hoping you'll see this comment anyway.

I've started reading, fairly recently, this music blog from Madison, Muzzle of Bees and fifured you might want to look at his Best of 2005 list. He sometimes posts an MP3 or two of an album, so you can listen to a track and decide if you want to buy it (and I think most of the time, he's posting an MP3 this is readily available from the band's own webpage, even).

He recommends B-Side, a shop in Madison, in case you don't know it, though I am guessing you do.
I see all, as long as the antecedent of all is comments to this blog. (Receiving new comments via e-mail is part of how I keep certain old posts from being inundated with comment spam.)

I hadn't seen that blog before, thanks for the link -- I'll have to check that out.

B-Side is a State St. institution, and I try to spend some of my music budget there when I'm in the neighborhood -- which is not often enough. It actually does a quite good job of substituting for NYC amenities like Other Music.
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