Thursday, December 29, 2005

They Grow Old Faster Than We Do (For Now)

by Tom Bozzo

It's hard to believe this has been both John's fourth Christmas and our fourth with digital photography (*). We have, at the same time, been visiting with my old friends Chris and Lydia from NYC, and their Adorable Offspring Niels (a year older than John) and Iris (a couple months younger than Julia). As such, we have some time-lapse photography of the kids and us.

December 26, 2002: The boys, Lydia, and very sleep-deprived me. John is not so sleep-deprived.

December 26, 2003: Now, I'm with glasses and Lydia's without. The boys are a lot bigger and it's taken a lot more to get them to stop moving.

December 26, 2004: Now, the girls. Two months makes a big difference, esp. with Iris only a few days old.

December 26, 2005: The girls again. Julia desperately needs a nap. Iris is just up from one.

I've known Lydia since freshman year of college — the wild and wacky fall of 1985. I've known my friend Katherine (coincidentally also a veteran of the NYC transit strike), seen holding Julia while John declines to tear his attention away from one of Julia's pounding toys, since sixth grade. Fortunately, I have no scanner and can spare everyone the grade school yearbook pictures.

(*) It may be time for a new camera, as our current one has never been 100% right since its dip in Lake Monona the summer before last.
Are you guys sharing that pair of glasses?
Those colorful frames would be a change of pace for me. Also, IIRC, her prescription is a lot stronger than mine.
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